Rimini 1932

The firm Boldrini Pesaresi & Associati was founded under the name of Studio Boldrini, 85 years ago on the initiative of Pier Alberto Boldrini, accountant, who, with the contribution of effective staff, created a professional organisation strongly linked to the industry of the local area.

In the Seventies, the sons of the founder, Giosuè Boldrini, accountant and Giovanni Boldrini, lawyer, joined. Within their respective areas of competence, they continued with the activities launched by their father, creating two professional structures, the legal firm and the accountants firm, the progressive integration of which allowed them to offer legal, tax and financial consulting services.

The professional structures continually increased their numbers of professional staff right up until 2017, when they combined to create a legal and accounting firm made up of more than 20 professional staff, making it an important touchstone for the conception, analysis of relating legal, tax and financial profiles and the implementation of complex corporate reorganisation and extraordinary finance operations.

Furthermore, in 2017, the firm:

  • It opened a new office in Bologna, partly in order to offer consulting services, by means of its direct presence, to major private and publicly held groups of national importance.