Consulting services for
public entities and local public utilities management companies

Over the last few decades the firm has frequently provided assistance and consulting in the processes of:

  • Transformation of municipally owned companies and consortia into joint-stock companies;

  • Mergers between companies to combine the relating public services;

  • • Incorporation of mixed companies for the assessment, settlement and collection of taxes
    Furthermore, the firm specialises in:

  • Consulting relating to the outsourcing of activities or services of local authorities in order to create management economies of scale through the incorporation of mixed public/private companies or in-house providing;

  • Consulting regarding governance of companies owned by local authorities;

  • Consulting regarding project financing for the implementation of public intervention in the area of local works and infrastructure and in the field of urban renewal;

The firm provides consulting to the local authorities for the:

  • Drafting of economic-financial plans for the management of local public services;

  • Drafting of privatisation plans through the sale of shareholdings in publicly owned companies;

  • Planning spin-offs for the separation of the management of the real estate assets from the business management

  • Comparative analysis of alternative management models for that are not financially significant.