The consulting services offered by the firm respond to all the tax requirements of companies regarding direct and indirect taxation.

Furthermore, the firm’s professional staff have built up a high level of professional ability pertaining to tax profiles connected with the adoption of the international IAS/IFRS accounting principles.

In this area, the firm offers the following services:

  • Tax optimisation of personal assets;

  • Tax optimisation of inheritance planning;

  • Consulting services for setting up trusts and wealth funds and optimisation of the relating tax variables.

The firm provides to consulting to companies with reference to all the aspects of international taxation, including:

  • Selecting the legal form with which to operate abroad: branch or subsidiary;

  • Definition of the transfer pricing policy of corporate groups and drafting of the documentation regarding transfer pricing;

  • Analysis and interpretation of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation;

  • Definition with the Italian revenue agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) of preventive rulings relating to transfer pricing and/or other aspects of international operations of companies and corporate groups;

  • Submission of requests for the non-application of the CFC regulations;

  • Planning and implementation of extraordinary cross-border operations (merger, demerger, assignments);

  • Planning and implementation of transfers of corporate headquarters from Italy to abroad and vice versa;

  • Corporate assistance in the pre-litigation and litigation phase relating to issues of international taxation.

For the purposes above, where necessary, the firm draws on a carefully selected network of highly professional independent foreign agents.

The firm assists companies and corporate groups in the planning and implementation of corporate reorganisation operations and mergers and acquisitions, with a particular focus on the optimisation of the relating tax variables.

In this area, the activities performed by the firm include:

  • Assistance in definition of the structure of the acquisition operation or the operations to implemented as part of the reorganisation process;

  • The performance of tax due diligences;

  • The submission of request for an opinion in order to define in advance the tax regime of the reorganisation process or the acquisition operation.

The firm provides consulting services with reference to the tax profiles of capital market operations, including:

  • Capital increases;

  • Issues of debentures or structured product loans;

  • Listings of shares or of financial instruments in regulated markets.

The firm provides consulting on the following aspects:

  • Taxation of Italian or foreign financial investments of individuals;

  • Taxation of Collective Investment Funds: Italian and foreign mutual real estate investment funds, SICAVs, SICAFs, Italian and foreign mutual real estate investment funds;

  • Taxation of insurance policies with financial content.

The firm provides assistance in phases of tax pre-litigation and litigation.
In this area, the firm:

  • Assists private individuals and companies undergoing tax assessments;

  • Prepares supporting documents for any out-of-court definition of the tax disputes and assists its clients in communication with the Italian revenue agency;

  • Represents private individuals and companies before the courts at all levels.

Through its services company Secam s.r.l., the firm is able to offer accounting and tax management outsourcing services.