The firm assists clients, supporting the relevant corporate departments, in preparing:

  • Budgets and economic-financial plans

  • Regular reports and interim financial statements targeting the company bodies or stakeholders to be discussed by the company bodies or communicated to third-party stakeholders

The firm provides consulting services and assistance to companies going through an economic and/or financial crisis performing, in particular, the following activities:

  • Analysis, jointly with the company management, of the causes of the crisis situation and its severity;

  • Identification of the out-of-court or insolvency tools of debt restructuring or crisis solution

  • Creation of an economic and/or financial reorganisation plan

  • Negotiation with creditors and of the terms and conditions characterising the financial agreement to support the reorganisation plan.

The firm’s professional staff take on assignments as certifiers of:

  • Reorganisation plans prepared pursuant to article 67, paragraph 3, letter d) of the Italian Bankruptcy Law;

  • Plans supporting debt restructuring agreements pursuant to articles 182-bis and 182-septies of the Italian Bankruptcy Law;

  • Plans supporting applications for arrangements with creditors pursuant to articles 161, paragraph 3, and 186-bis, paragraph 2, letter b) of the Italian Bankruptcy Law.